How To Do Festivals In Style.

Festival season is approaching again. Don’t fancy slumming it in the mud this year? Here’s some of our favorite alternatives to that two man nightmare you stayed in last year….

Pop Up Hotel

Blending romance, luxury and the thrill of camping the popup glamping approach gives you the services you would expect at a boutique hotel, in a location that you wouldn’t. Their ethos is ‘keeping you connected to the environment you’re staying in, rather than isolating you from it.’

Images popuphotel.

Round Yurts

Fantastic for providing warm and cosy bedrooms. Yurt hire includes thick flooring and well fitted heavy duty frame coverings to keep you dry and snug whatever the weather, but for those extreme days you can even hire our woodburning stove to nestle next to. They sound like festival heaven!

17.jpgImage by the yurt company.

Hotel Bell Tent

The VIP Package is housed in a beautifully dressed, majestic emperor tent, it comes with a real bed with sumptuous bedding and plenty of special extras!

Images Hotel Bell Tent

Arabella Wright – 3 Ways To Style Chatswood Camel.

We teamed up with blogger Arabella Wright to give you some inspiration on getting your workwear wardrobe up to date. Of course it starts with the bag and what better work companion can a girl have than our Chatswood Camel? Here’s Arabellas three looks to get you from the coffee and commute right through to Friday fun times.

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Spring Duster Coat

Summer Style

Modern Work Wear

To see all three full posts in full visit  –


5 Essentials To Take In Your Carry On – The Runaway Diaries.

We challenged travel blogger Katie from The Run Away Diaries to fit her five travel essentials into our Angel Tote bag. Here’s how she got on..

So here’s my curated list of the top 5 things that should ALWAYS be in your carry-on handbag featuring the gorgeous Angels handbag from Marcb. Anyone that has been following me for a while knows that I love Marcb handbags as not only are they affordable, but they are excellent quality and provide you with enough room for ALL the activities.


We’ve all been there. You’re on a long haul flight and you decide what better way to pass the time than to listen to the airlines complimentary best of U2 compilation (nope, just me?). Only problem is, you forgot your headphones and have to listen to your favourite jams on the earphones provided to you that, after a while, feel like razor blades slicing through your eardrums. Sound dramatic no? Anyway, moral of the story: bring your own headphones, you’re inner ear will thank you (as will Bono).


Nothing dehydrates your skin more than flying so if you can prevent your face feeling like the Sahara Desert you may as well right? Right. Decant some of your favourite face moisturiser into a travel-friendly pot and apply to your skin whilst on board. If your flight is long-haul then don’t be afraid to reapply; your skin will thank you.




Watching movies and re-runs of Friends is great and all, but after a while your eyes may feel a little square and there’s no better way to pass the time on the plane by sinking yourself into a good read. A colouring book is an equally great way to pass the time and without sounding too woo-woo, practise mindfulness. If you’re an anxious flyer, a colouring book will keep you busy, engaged and distracted so you can keep your mind grounded while you’re 14,000 feet in the air.


This one is especially relevant for those of us who have booked to fly with budget airlines. No shame here. Snacks like muesli bars, fruit (although make sure you eat this before you land!), and crackers are all good options. Avoid nuts (ha) as most airlines have a nut free policy due to it being a common allergy.


Because who doesn’t love bed socks.  If there’s ever a time to wear fluffy, unsexy socks in a public place, it’s now. Utilise it. Embrace it. Be as comfortable as you can be when you’ve got a 30cm radius to work with. The time is now.

What are your in-flight must haves?

Springifying Your Look.

It’s almost May already?! The weather certainly seems to think so. All this sun has made the arrival of spring so much more real. Your not quite ready to commit to buying a whole new summer wardrobe yet but your look is in need of an update?  What better way to ‘springify’ your look than with a new bag.

You need a bag that will be versatile enough to take to work with room for your makeup and lunch but won’t look out of place on those after work outings.  You’re in luck here at marc b. we’ve got the perfect Totes and Grab Bags to freshen up your workwear.

Chatswood Camel.


This grab bag is the perfect accessory when running to the office. It’s sleek and sophisticated shape makes this handbag ideal for every occasion and can easily fit in all your everyday essentials. Slip on the detachable shoulder strap to convert this bag with ease into a shoulder bag or a cross body.  SHOP

Angel Tote Blush


Stylish and minimalist in design, the Angel shopper is the answer to an everyday chic look. The front zip pocket ensures that your small essentials are in easy reach making the Angel bag the fashionable and practical choice when running about the city. The pastel pink colour gives it a fun yet stylish look perfect for spring.  SHOP