In the spotlight – @jaidepoppy

marc b backpack

This week marc b. were lucky enough to meet up with Blogger and YouTuber, Jaide Poppy. We asked her to pick out her favourite piece from the new marc b. Summer collection. She chose the Camel Backpack , and told us that it suited her image and her lifestyle.

After a shoot in London with Jaide, we got to know her a bit better over a coffee or two.

marc b backpack

1: What made you start blogging? 
I started blogging as an outlet from my teaching qualification. I felt I needed a place to talk all things not education, and when I found blogs I thought it was perfect.
2: How would you describe your own personal style? 
A little bit of everything really. I’m such a lover of vintage, colour, monochrome, sports luxe the lot and get so much enjoyment out of mixing anything I like together.
3: If you could say one thing to childhood you what would it be?
To believe in myself more and trust that I can accomplish what o want.
4: Who’s currently on your playlist? 
The ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ soundtrack and been listening to Black Sabbath on repeat.
5: Your house is on fire which item do you grab?
No question, has to be my cat Sammy.
6: Who’s your style inspiration?
I don’t have one person really. I like to take inspiration from a range of people and feel that’s best for me and my style. 
7: Which up and coming brands should we know about?
Wow this is a hard question. I’m really getting into smaller makeup brands right now, and Glo&Ray are brilliant.
8: You can rummage through anyone’s wardrobe alive or dead, who’s would it be?
The Olsen twins for sure. I bet there’s so many amazing classic pieces, and out there items too. Omg I’m getting excited thinking about it!
9: Who should we be following on Instagram? 
I’m totally addicted to Kate La Vie and Hello October right now. Interior goals and their products shots are beyond lush!
10. What is your favourite marc b. bag?
The backpack is my newest Marc B addition and by far my favourite. So multi functional and goes with a range of different outfits. Am totally in love with it!

marc b backpack

Have you had the chance to look at the Summer Collection yet? Which bag is your favourite?

Remember to follow us on Instagram if you would like to find out how you could win a bag from the marc b. Summer collection. 


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