How To Do Festivals In Style.

Festival season is approaching again. Don’t fancy slumming it in the mud this year? Here’s some of our favorite alternatives to that two man nightmare you stayed in last year….

Pop Up Hotel

Blending romance, luxury and the thrill of camping the popup glamping approach gives you the services you would expect at a boutique hotel, in a location that you wouldn’t. Their ethos is ‘keeping you connected to the environment you’re staying in, rather than isolating you from it.’

Images popuphotel.

Round Yurts

Fantastic for providing warm and cosy bedrooms. Yurt hire includes thick flooring and well fitted heavy duty frame coverings to keep you dry and snug whatever the weather, but for those extreme days you can even hire our woodburning stove to nestle next to. They sound like festival heaven!

17.jpgImage by the yurt company.

Hotel Bell Tent

The VIP Package is housed in a beautifully dressed, majestic emperor tent, it comes with a real bed with sumptuous bedding and plenty of special extras!

Images Hotel Bell Tent

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