Love Harmony

Our Harmony bag has been much coveted by bloggers recently. Here are two of our favorite posts from Sophia Bonbelle and Justauniform.

What Sophia Says…

‘This bag ticks all the boxes. I am loving the funky strap trend that has been going around recently and this bag fits in with that perfectly with the cute eyelet detailing, the shape and lace detail is also very this season. This is such a great trend bag that I can carrying me through into the summer. As always the quality of this Marc B bag is amazing its really sturdy and just feels well made.  I think I’ll be wearing this bag at fashion week next week!’


What Siobhan Justauniform says..

Isn’t she stunning? this bag is perfect for day or night. You can fit all your essentials in it. I also love that the bag gives that added bit of necessary colour, however at the same time it is muted enough to compliment any dress.

I recently teamed up with Marc B Bags, did a little bit of an insta take over for them, and from there I have fallen head over heels with a number of their bags.


Shop our Harmony bag in Black or Navy Online.

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