Blogger Of The Month Just A Uniform!


You might have seen this lady  take over our Instagram account recently, and it’s no lie here at the marc b studio we’re obsessed with her blog! We can’t get enough of her colourful outfits and jaunts around Margate! We sat down for a little chat about how she started blogging, who’s wardrobe she  would raid and her favourite marc b bag!

Hi Siobhan, tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well hello there! I’m a northern girl who moved to Kent about 5 years ago. I moved to be closer to my parents, for better weather and to have London on my door step. With my northern roots, I am super friendly and will talk to just about anyone…… given the chance. This time last year, I left my full time job as a primary school teacher, started my blog and I’ve never looked back. I LOVE IT!

What made you start blogging?

Throughout most of my life people have stopped me in the street and asked, “Where did you get your shoes.”  “Where is that dress from.” or “Which hairdressers do you go to.” Me being me I have always given them a 20 minute chat about my whole outfit, so I thought why not share it with the whole word. Sharing is caring after all.

Blogging also allows me to be who I want to be, so many professions don’t allow you to express who you really are. I now get to have the hair colour I want, dress the way I want and just be me….. It is wonderful!

How would you describe your own personal style?

“More is more, less is bore.”

If you could say one thing to childhood you what would it be?

“Your vibe attracts your tribe” So be positive, smile and everything will be just fabulous!

Who’s currently on your playlist?

Currently obsessed with Mura Masa. However Prince is played repeatedly in our house.

Your house is on fire which item do you grab?

After my husband and my cat, oooo that’s tricky, really only one? I am so going to break the rules here!

It would have to be my vintage Gucci handbag, it’s a beauty and can’t be replaced. I would also grab my Camera, my iPhone and my MacBook as I can’t live with them.

 Who’s your style inspiration?

The one and only, Iris Apfel. She is the reason I started my blog, what an inspiration!


Which up and coming brands should we know about?

Rosa Bloom! For me, any brand that loves colour, sequins and glitter needs to be heard about.

You can rummage through anyone’s wardrobe, who’s would it be?

Without a doubt, Iris Apfel, she has quite the collection.

Who should we be following on Instagram?

For the colour @iamfashionlaine 

For all round cool @meganellaby

 Favourite marc b bag?

Yaz in English Rose. I haven’t had it off my shoulder since I got it, I’m in love!

For more of  our adventures follow us on Instagram!

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