Interview with Amy Sheppard


Meet  Amy Sheppard, lead vocalist of indie pop band ‘Sheppard’. This Brisbane based band have topped the Australian music charts, winning them top spots on the Aria albums chart and keeping them firmly at number one for 3 consecutive weeks with smash hit ‘Geronimo’.  We sat down with Amy and found out what she’s been listening to, how she prepares for concerts and how she keeps herself looking flawless whilst touring!

Hi Amy tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hello world! I guess the best place to start is to say that I’m a singer/songwriter from Brisbane Australia and founded the indie/pop band ‘Sheppard’. You may know us from the song ‘Geronimo’.

What made you want to get into music?

I think it was when I was 10 and found my dad’s old guitar in storage under our stair case. It had three strings but I insisted on playing for about two weeks before my parents got it restrung. I have loved writing and performing ever since.

If you could go on tour with anyone who would it be?

Our dream is to tour with Coldplay. They have been our inspiration since the beginning of the band. We love their music and their authenticity.

What’s your top style tips when getting ready for a gig?

When performing, you’ll rarely see me in a skirt or a dress. I love to run around the stage, jump and dance so I hate feeling uncomfortable or worrying about what the audience can see haha. I opt for high wasted pants and a fun crop top or an awesome looking jumpsuit.

What’s your beauty secrets?

WATER! I never get on a plane without having a 2 litre bottle of water with me. It honestly makes all the difference to my skin and to my health.

You can raid anyone’s wardrobe living or dead, who’s would it be?

This is a tough question because I have two ladies in mind. The first is Iris Apfel and the second is Baddie Winkle. These ladies know what’s up.

What’s your favourite song off of the album?

Off of our debut album “Bombs Away”, my favourite song is a song called “The Best Is Yet to Come”. The song didn’t make it onto radio but the sentiment is beautiful and very uplifting.

What’s been your biggest music career highlight so far?

There have been so many over our career so far. I feel so fortunate to have had some very special experiences. Some of the top highlights include: Playing to 100,000 people at ‘Rock in Rio’, Having our song go to number 1 in numerous countries and then being able to travel and perform in these countries, performing on the Ellen DeGeneres show and Jimmy Fallon.


What’s currently on your playlist?

I’m a bit of an old soul. I’m scrolling through my Spotify playlist now and it’s full of Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison and Hanson haha. For something new, I’m absolutely loving “Capsize” by our mates FRIENSHIP. Such talented guys.

What’s it like making music with your family members?

It’s honestly great. We are lucky to be a close family, however, we do have fights now and then….ok…every day.

How would you describe your music?

People say our songs are uplifting and catchy. When you delve into our album we do have some very deep/sad songs too.

If you could collaborate with one artist who would it be?

Chris Martin.


What’s your favourite outfit you’ve ever worn when preforming?

I think my favourite outfit I’ve ever worn would have to be what I wore to the ARIA awards last year. Emma and I managed to get our hands on these incredible thigh high boots which had dragon heads at the top of them. Crazy but fun.

What’s you plans for the future?

We have a new single out called “We Belong” it’s the first release off of our sophomore album. The album (currently unnamed), is just about complete and we can’t wait for the world to hear it!

What’s your favourite marc b bag?

Another hard question. I absolutely love Knightsbride in Sorbet Pink. It’s a classic design in a cute colour. I LOVE IT!!!


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