Phiney Pet X marc b.


This season we’ve teamed up with fashions sweetheart Phiney Pet for LFW 2016. Her dreamy aesthetic and quirky design style have seen her work in Asos, Topshop and now with marc b!

We sat down and chatted to the lady herself about all things fashion, music & what we can expect next!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Phiney – obsessed by colour, excessive patterns and anything cute!

Who/What inspired your latest collection?
I was inspired mostly by teenagers for this new collection. I read ALOT of y.a literature and watched many a teen movie – as well as just talking to my teenage siblings and there friends. I also dug out a few of my old teenage doodles and diaries. Cringe!
What made you decide to get into the fashion industry?
 It kind of happened by accident – I loved illustrating and making clothes and then when I found out that I could combine the two I thought ‘I have to do this!’
Who are your style icons?
 I have so many styles I admire so it’s hard to pin down just a few but mostly: Bowie, Drew Barrymore  (circa the 90s) and Solange.
What inspires you?
 People! I love people watching and talking to people. That’s why a lot of my collections draw on nostalgic or emotional references – it’s all about making people look all the collection and it reminding them of some time in their life.
Which is your favourite marc b bag?
 This is a tough one! Working with them had made me love them all. Maybe the Leanne clutch – I love colour and texture and these are just too cute!
What are you must have handbag essentials?
– Lippy, any colour just something you can shove on to change up your outfit if you need to.
– A hairband – simple but comes in handy for EVERYTHING. The amount of things I have fixed using the rogue hairband in my bag.
– a good book – I spend a lot of time commuting to meetings and a really great read can save you on a long journey!
What’s currently on your playlist?
Currently on my play list (I’m always listening to crazy things during LFW prep).
Klymaxx – Meeting at the ladies room, The Weird Science soundtrack and all of Frank Oceans new music.
Top Tips for customising your bag?
Keep it playful, fun and personal to you. You want it to be something you want to accessorise your outfit with for years to come. Even adding something like a simple fluffy pom can make it more special.
If you could tell yourself one thing when you were younger, what would it be?
 Don’t spend so much time worrying what you look like or what people think of you – because in the end none of that really matters. You are your own best creation.

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